Being inspired as I pump. Thanks @heleneadele for the book! #leanin #banbossy #sherylsandberg #breastpump #medelafreestyle #breastaurant #inspiration

Being inspired as I pump. Thanks @heleneadele for the book! #leanin #banbossy #sherylsandberg #breastpump #medelafreestyle #breastaurant #inspiration
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Baby Taco’s First Easter

Growing up, my sisters and I never received Easter baskets. We weren’t deprived, it just wasn’t a thing, I guess. I remember that my parents would take us to church on Easter Sunday and if we woke up early enough, we could participate in an Easter egg hunt. That was always super fun. One year, whoever organized the hunt decided to forego the eggs and just have us hunt seeds (much easier to procure) and trade them in for prizes. Chinese people are always cutting corners.

Anyway, Easter baskets are all over Pinterest and mommy blogs but I didn’t feel like making one for Baby Taco. First, because she’s only four months old so what would she want with an Easter basket? Second, between going back to work, getting stuff done for grad school, and her sleep regression, I was exhausted.

Lo and behold, after Good Friday service, ST freaked out that we didn’t have an Easter basket made for her. He went into Duane Reade and wanted to buy one but none were acceptable so I promised him that we’d go the next day to buy stuff and make her a fabulous basket.

The next day, Kim and I found ourselves in a barren wasteland of Easter leftovers. Bensonhurst really takes Easter seriously. There was nary a chocolate bunny in sight. We went to Marshall’s and Rite Aid and were able to snag the last two nice-looking baskets and some other goodies to fill them with. I kind of felt guilty, but not really. I’ll up my Easter game next year.

first easter1

Grandma provided the Easter dress. Baby Taco had previously worn it at her 100 day banquet and it was a shame to wear that expensive little frock just once.

first easter2

ST was adamant on a few key Easter basket ingredients: chocolate bunny and Easter grass. Well, there was not one shred of Easter grass to be found anywhere – I even checked the dollar store – so I stuffed it with some tissue paper I already had. The chocolate bunny was a lucky find amidst the ruin of the Easter aisle in Rite Aid.

first easter3

Aunt Kim and Uncle Tommy came through with the cute bunny basket, bath toys, and summer outfits. So cute.

first easter4 first easter5

After the presentation of Easter baskets to the baby who had no clue what was going on, we took her 17 week photos. This is probably the last time she will wear this insanely cute outfit, so why not?

first easter6 first easter7 first easter8 first easter9I don’t get it, mama.

first easter10I want to nom you, little bunny. 

first easter11

We switched out the chocolate bunny for Sophie, but she didn’t quite know what to do with that either. Poor kid. She’s teething, but not in pain. I think her little gums are just a bit irritated and she wants to chew but she doesn’t know how! 4 month old problems.

first easter12 first easter13 first easter14

Our Easter festivities included great Good Friday and Easter Sunday services at church. Baby Taco got kind of upset during the Good Friday service which resulted in ST and I missing half of it, but that’s okay. The part I got to hear was awesome.

Family traditions have definitely been on my mind lately. Growing up, we didn’t really have too many besides Christmas and Chinese New Year. ST’s family had a few as well. I want us to form our own traditions as a family, so Baby Taco has different celebrations to look forward to each year. For Easter, one idea I had was using the same baskets every year and each parent, aunt, uncle, etc. would contribute one or two small gifts to the basket. I don’t think the kid needs 5 baskets every year. Its important to me that she understands why we celebrate these holidays.

What traditions does your family have? Give me some ideas to steal! :-)

@mel0deeee has the day off so naturally, she's napping with her #bff. #leela #ilovemydog #naptime

@mel0deeee has the day off so naturally, she's napping with her #bff. #leela #ilovemydog #naptime
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well, hello there.

Let’s Be Friends.