Ann Romney, SAHM

I can’t say I agree with Hillary Rosen’s comments about Ann Romney. To be fair, Rosen was responding to Mitt Romney’s statement that his wife, Ann, is his advisor about “women’s issues.” I think we’ve established that Mitt Romney is a stupid person who says ridiculous things, am I right?

It was an outrageous statement – the very notion that the Romneys understand the plight of us peasants is a joke. Ann Romney herself admitted that she didn’t have to deal with the same socioeconomic issues as most moms. She is as clueless as her robotic husband about the struggles of the working class.  However, Rosen took a cheap shot to get her point across – not very classy or, most importantly, effective. I expect stupid things about women to freely flow from Nikki Haley’s mouth but Rosen should have thought it through before she spoke.

My cousin gave me insight about being a SAHM when she left her career in finance to raise two children. Watching her cook, clean, educate, discipline, and entertain everyday showed me that being a SAHM is a challenging and mostly thankless job. While I love these two rambunctious and hilarious little people, I simply cannot spend more than a few hours with them.

They’re not bad kids at all – it’s just that the amount of energy I expend while with them utterly exhausts me. I love them, but it feels like they suck the life out of me.

ST and I even agreed that if one of us had to stay at home, it would be him.

Every mom works hard and deserves respect – yes, even Park Slope moms. There is nothing to gain in stating that a SAHM “has never worked a day in her life.” If I had five – FIVE! – sons and millions of dollars, I’d hire servants too.

Presuming Ann Romney wasn’t a mother because she had hired help is tangential and ignorant. Yes, they’re millionaires – get over it. Let’s focus on how the GOP is trying to take America back to the early 1900s, better known as the Golden Age of Old White Men.

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