Baby Taco, Week 1

I can’t believe Baby Taco is already one week old! Her first week checkup is actually tomorrow, so we won’t know her weight gain until then. She feels heavier in my arms and her cheeks, hands, and feet are chubbier too.

baby taco week 1s

Despite a healthy appetite and seemingly infinite nursing sessions, she is still wearing preemie size clothing. Thank goodness we have a Carter’s store near us and Kim and Tommy had the forethought to buy her preemie size clothing. Otherwise, she’d still be swimming in newborn size.

baby taco week1s 2

We’re still learning how to breastfeed. Sometimes we have really efficient sessions in which she finishes in 35 minutes, and sometimes, it takes nearly two hours and involves a ton of crying.

baby taco week1s 3

I am loving every waking and sleeping moment with her.

baby taco week1s 4

Update: 5 pounds, 9 ounces today! She was 5 lbs, 6 ounces at birth, lost 4 ounces at her first checkup the day after she was born, and has gained one ounce everyday! Right on schedule. So proud of my little champ.

4 Responses to Baby Taco, Week 1

  • cathy says:

    it’s normal for them to lose weight after birth. since she has gained everything back, that is a good sign she is getting enough milk. way to go, mama! always offer the boob to see if she is hungry. the crying sessions may be from her being too hungry before being offered the boob. the best time is when they are quiet n alert. if she is licking her chops that may also be a sign of hunger so offer away! like i said, it takes a good solid 3 weeks to get nursing down n u r doing extremely well at just 1 week. way to go!

    • ElBrooklynTaco says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! Every nursing mom needs ample support in the beginning phases. We’ve been so blessed with how smoothly things are going.

  • awwh. She looks so tiny in the chair. I can’t wait to see as she grows older in it. :)

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