Baby Taco’s First Christmas

Merry Christmas from Santa’s little helper. :-)

baby tacos first christmas

Exciting news (for a sleep-deprived first time parent)! I had to visit the L&D at the hospital last night due to a suspected postpartum infection. I’m completely fine – my immune system is just trashed from giving birth. However, before I left, I pumped a bottle of breast milk for Baby Taco since wait times are notoriously long and my child demands the boob every two hours.

Well, Melody gave her the bottle and BT slept soundly for four hours afterward! Not only that, when she woke up, she was quiet and satisfied, not crying like she usually is. Intrigued, I pumped two more bottles for her before bedtime (3 am). When she woke up, we warmed up a bottle for her and drained it in less than 10 minutes. Breastfeeding requires at least an hour for us so this was truly a magical moment. We had a little moment where we kind of just looked at each other and enjoyed each other’s company. Then, she was back to sleep until 5:00 am. After another bottle, she didn’t wake up until 8:00 am! ST AND I GOT 4 HOURS OF SLEEP LAST NIGHT! We feel awesome – ST even watched a movie without falling asleep!

Our midwife advised us not to pump because it would cause nipple confusion and increase milk production and engorgement pain. However, I’ve actually experienced the opposite in terms of pain; I actually feel better. I have been concerned about nipple confusion but today, I breastfed BT the whole day (I missed connecting with her) and she latched on like a champ on both boobs. I also pumped three bottles of breast milk for later tonight. :-D

I have noticed that when we bottle feed her, BT will sometimes reach for my left boob (her favorite) and it does make me a little sad. But, we do bond during the day and we all get a good night’s rest with this new plan. Also, new studies have shown that nipple confusion isn’t a significant factor in successful breastfeeding. Some claim it isn’t even real. I’m not sure what to believe, but I am very thankful BT is such a little champ at latching and taking the bottle.

We’ve also moved the changing pad into our bed and use it as a co-sleeper. Sleeping between us has also improved BT’s sleep, not to mention mine. I finally figured out why I couldn’t sleep during the day when she sleeps – I need her next to me. This morning, I took a nap from 9 am to 11:30 am with her. The only reason I woke up when I did was because ST kissed me.

satisfied and napping baby tacoOne satisfied baby!

I even had the opportunity to take some pictures of Santa’s little helper at 6 days old.

santas little helper baby taco4

santas little helper baby taco3

santas little helper baby taco2

santas little helper baby taco

I love everything about her, but I can’t get enough of her tiny feet and even tinier toes.

tiny baby feet3

tiny baby feet2

tiny baby feet

And to all a good night!

4 Responses to Baby Taco’s First Christmas

  • cathy says:

    she’s so active. looks like she’s ready to run a marathon. get a lot of rest to recover from childbirth. it takes a lot of energy to make milk, nurse, and recover from all the blood loss so take it easy. try to master nursing lying down. it really was a godsend for me and that is why the little guy was the one who was nursed the longest. just lying next to her while nursing will also give u some rest. it really is the holy grail of nursing because it gives u time to rest, u r burning calories from nursing, bt will enjoy the closeness and the rest will help ur body make even more milk. a win-win-win-win situation all around. the best measure of how much milk she is getting is having that content, quiet, awake feeling. if she’s sleeping for 2 hours, that is also another sign that she is getting enough milk to fill her tiny tummy. as she gets bigger, n her tummy gets larger, she will be able to nurse longer and be full longer n hence, sleep longer. babies r also better at milking the boob than a pump so don’t gauge your milk production by the pump. get enough rest and ur body will take care of the rest.

  • sherien says:

    Too cute!
    I thought nursing the second time around was going to be a piece of cake, but it turned out it wasn’t. Lila wasn’t able to latch properly on my left breast and left it tattered in pieces. I couldn’t nurse from that side at all, so I would feed from the right and pump the left. I’d give her the pumped milk to help satisfy her, worried the whole time about nipple confusion. But she wasn’t confused one bit! Once we got the hang of it again we continued on our breastfeeding journey. The nursing lying down (and cosleeping) was also one of the best things I did.

    • ElBrooklynTaco says:

      I’m so thankful that breastfeeding has been successful thus far. She is such a little champ and learns so quickly. I may never come back to work, Sherien!

  • wow. She is TALL! I think you might have a future basketball player in your hands (or model or just someone in the house who’ll be good at reaching for stuff above the fridge). :D

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