Disgraced Marion Barry Makes Racist Remarks

Former crackhead mayor of  Washington, D.C. Marion Barry made racist comments against Asian business owners after winning the Democratic primary for his third term as councilman.

In his virtually incoherent rambling, Barry said that Asians own “dirty little shops” that “ought to go.” He then demanded that Asian business owners hire residents from Ward 8 without, of course, doing any research whatsoever on those dirty little shops and their employees.

Councilman Barry, the way to lift up Ward 8 is not to divide it. Instead of smoking tax payer dollars through your crack pipe and lavishing it on hookers, you could use those resources to help entrepreneurs secure small business loans and to provide basic supplies like textbooks and chairs to D.C. students.

When local Asian business owners criticized Barry for his offensive statements, he simply replied, “Leadership requires leadership.” Uh… what? How can someone who can barely string together a few unintelligible sentences serve on the city council? No wonder the District of Columbia is in such a sorry state.

It is tragedy that Marion Barry elects not to use his power and influence to inspire and motivate the troubled youth of D.C. Instead, he continues on this downward spiral to hell while taking his constituents with him.

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