October 1, 2022

DIY Teacup Sculpture Complete!

When I last left off, I’d used up all my tea cups and was just waiting to get more before I spray painted the whole thing white. Well, I got more tea cups from my mom and glued the whole thing to an old plate so there would be more room to hang necklaces and other random stuff. After a fresh coat of leftover wedding white spray paint – voila!

This photo shoot took place on our couch because it is COLD outside. I used ST’s Canon Rebel T3i and processed the photos using free Photoshop actions called Victorian PS and Sunshine Pop. I layered the actions in that order. The results are a bit yellow, but I like the warm glow. It reminds me of summer afternoon light, which I sorely miss basking in.

The old shopaholic me would refrain from DIY versions of things I like because:

  • I’m lazy.
  • It’s easier to buy it.
  • I don’t like my own version as much as the mass-produced, generic version.

But making this was so fun! I was actually excited to finish it. I also genuinely like it more than the UO version.

I ran out of Duco Cement (there wasn’t too much left in the tube I inherited) so Kim and I went to Michael’s to take a look at their glue selection. Side note: Download the Michael’s app for coupons. All you have to do is show the cashier.

After consulting with two employees who really didn’t know anymore about epoxy glue than I did (they tried their best though), I selected E-6000. Duco Cement was a viscous and I wanted something with a thicker consistency. Also, Michael’s doesn’t carry Duco Cement.

You guys, this stuff sucks. Don’t use it.

It looks and smells all industrial strength but it’s not. I used the rest of my Duco Cement to glue the first layer of cups on a new sculpture and then E-6000 on the next two layers. It’s been three days, and some of the cups glued with E-6000 STILL come off when I pull on them. So frustrating. Also, I read the back label after I’d used it for twenty minutes and apparently the fumes from it are toxic. Super.

So sometime soon, we’re heading over to Sears to pick up another tube of Duco Cement for $2.49.