DIY Teacup Sculpture

I’ve had my eye on this cool tea cup jewelry organizer from Urban Outfitters for a while now. It costs $65 and was marked down to $35 recently. Unfortunately, that was still too rich for my blood. So I pinned it and mused about creating one myself. It’s since sold out.

This weekend, I finally got the chance. I got 8 old tea cups from my mom and I had some epoxy adhesive lying around the house. The stars were aligned, so why not?

I started by thoroughly cleaning my tea cups with soap and hot water. I’m pretty sure this is important to get your glue to set right. After drying them, I lined them up on my work surface (our coffee table and an old wooden place mat).

Since I didn’t have a picture to use as a guide, I just chose the two biggest and sturdiest cups and placed them in such a way that they could stand on their own.

ST found some Duco Cement and used it to glue a student’s broken vase back together (that’s the brown thing in the background that I was too lazy to move). Side note: My husband is the sweetest guy :-)

I glued the first two cups and left it alone for about 6 hours – the directions say it should set in 5 minutes though. The glue is pretty viscous and drippy. I was skeptical about it’s holding power since I want this to last a long time. But when I got back, those suckers were stuck together pretty tight. Woohoo!

So I began building my sculpture by gingerly positioning tea cups so that they could stay by themselves.

Then I squeezed a few drops of glue in each spot that the new teacup touched.

Then I took a break for the glue to dry and to eat this awesome dinner my wonderful husband made. Flautas with rice, beans, and homemade salsa verde :-D

Then I added the rest of my cups.

This glue is sturdy. Look, I’m holding the whole thing upside down.

I’m planning on spray painting it white using one of the many leftover cans of spray paint from Kim and Tommy’s weddng shenanigans, but I want to get some more tea cups so I can make bigger. Also, I think it looks kind of cool without paint.

To be continued, when I figure out where to get some more tea cups!

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