Am I Cool Enough to Thrift?

I’ve always been fascinated with thrift shops. During my freshman year of college, I went to my first one. It was a large, spacious, and clean one in Maryland. I don’t remember the name, but everything was organized by color. It was super fun. I bought a pair of leopard flats that I’ve never worn and a Harvard Crimson Crazies t-shirt that I wore a whole bunch but gave away/lost over the years. I don’t remember what else. Good times.

Recently, I reconnected with my friend Helene from high school. It’s been nearly ten years since we’ve last talked but when I met up with her at the Chocolate Room in Park Slope (my go-to for girl dates) it was as if no time had passed at all. Helene, her sister Rakibat, and I talked about everything for nearly two hours over yummy chocolate.

Helene writes a great blog called Bon Vivant + A Budget. Recently she attended the Housing Works Buy the Bag event and her finds were fabulous! She even compiled a list for first time shoppers.

This got me thinking… am I fashionable enough to try thrifting? In the past, I’ve been turned off by over-priced crap and smelly stores but after doing some research and getting a buddy to join me, I’m going to the Housing Works Buy the Bag event this Saturday, October 22. It’s their last Buy the Bag event of the year.

I’m excited. Based on Helene’s advice, this is what I plan to do –

  • Wear a thrift-friendly outfit (no flip flops or shoes that can easily come off)
  • Bring my own bag to hold clothes while I shop
  • Arrive early – Power Hour tickets are sold out :-(
  • Use the bathroom beforehand – there are none in the warehouse
  • Go for the fun of it! :-D

Then, after reading about Patrice’s great experience at the Salvation Army’s Coat Sale, I wanted to do that too! Their next sale is on November 5th so Helene and I are going to hit it up.

Wish me luck!

3 Responses to Am I Cool Enough to Thrift?

  • Baby Ma says:

    I have the harvard shirt teehee :)

  • Joy CeeCee says:

    I used to think that I was a serious shopper…but reading your blog let me know that I have spent way tooo much money over the years in department stores and I am turning over a new leaf(it is fall). One thing that I learned from one of your previous blogs was to shop in my own closet. I passed that on to a few friends and they thanked me for that so thank you!

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