The Most Effective Disinfecting Technology

The Most Effective Disinfecting Technology

The Electrostatic disinfection system works like powder coat paint wherein the solution is implemented with a low-strain sprayer and charged particles adhere to every floor such as crevices and undersides.

This system affords a hundred% insurance and is good for huge region centers together with faculties, airports, paintings camps, production and healthcare homes, disinfecting up to 18,000 sq. Feet. According to hour.

Electrostatic disinfection service in Singapore have to be a part of your plan for contamination manipulate and prevention and part of your normal cleansing services for:

•             plane and hangar disinfecting offerings

•             healthcare cleansing offerings

•             seniors care cleansing offerings

•             the pastime middle and fitness center cleansing offerings

•             scientific workplace cleansing services

•             dental workplace cleansing services

•             assisted residing facility cleansing services

•             hotel cleansing services

•             paintings camp cleaning services

•             airport/bus/public transportation cleansing services

To clean you house /hospitals, schools call, HVAC – the best company for disinfection in Singapore !

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